7 Key Reasons To Choose An CBSE School for your kid

7 Key Reasons To Choose An CBSE School for your kid

CBSE, is one of the most popular and preferred education boards among parents in India as the curriculum is designed to provide extensive subject matter knowledge to students, irrespective of their grade, integrating art and skill based training. The educational material and teaching methodology is conducive to the national interests of the country. All the major nationalized competitive exams are conducted by CBSE.

1. Exposure To Various Cultures for your kid

We live in a diverse and rapidly changing world. A child should be exposed to a global culture with their roots strengthened with Indian values.

Providing your child with the opportunity to learn various cultures will surely have a great impact on society in the long run. Allow them the chance to develop multi -language skills and expose them to different cultural experiences. Through language development, social skills, and acceptance of varying traditions, education plays a crucial part in a child's foundation.

Twenty-first century students live in an interconnected, diverse and rapidly changing world. Emerging economic, digital, cultural, demographic and environmental forces are shaping young people's lives around the planet, and increasing their intercultural encounters on a daily basis. This complex environment presents an opportunity and a challenge. Young people today must not only learn to participate in a more interconnected world but also appreciate and benefit from cultural differences. Developing a global and intercultural outlook is a process – a lifelong process – that education can shape

2. Updated Curriculums with International Skillset

To make the students ready for the future requires a holistic approach in learning. To make the young minds ready for future requires both broad and specialized knowledge. In today's competitive world the students should be prepared for the better future where they should be ready for diverse workplace

Students need to apply their knowledge in evolving circumstances. They have to be specialized in a vast range of skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The curriculum should weave these skills into learning experiences for the students. LWA has a mission to develop culturally responsible citizens who will thrive in the ever-changing world.

3. Class Sizes Are Small and faculty members

Small class sizes and enthusiastic and energetic faculty, enhance the student's overall performance. In a smaller sized class, each and every child will get the attention from the teacher and progress quickly thus enhancing the student's confidence level. Teachers can focus more on teaching methods rather than engaging to retain the student's attention and customize the learning for each child in the class. LWA has a team of passionate and experienced faculty who constantly encourage and inspire the students to excel.

4. Flexible Teaching Programs

Flexible teaching programs enable lessons to be more effective, allowing discussions and thoughts to play out. It facilitates learning and empowers students to explore subjects with their own questions, ideas, previous knowledge and level of intelligence. Flexible teaching equips educators to respond to different learners according to their needs and interests.

5. Your Child Develops Holistically

A 21st century's student should be equipped with academic and co curricular skills , that would give a holistic development. At LWA we strongly believe that co curricular activities and academics should go hand in hand. The holistic development in child incorporates Physical, Cognitive, Social, Language and Emotional development. The interaction between the child and his environment leads to the blossoming of his skills and traits.

6. Selecting the right career with us

Our feature of LWA talks has seen various persons from different professions across the globe , address our students and give insights into various career paths and opportunities. Every student is unique and deserves an exposure to career options. In today's changing world, innovation holds a lot of importance and young minds need to be prepared for success that requires a diverse educational experience.

7. The value of physical education in LWA

A healthy mind and body is the key to well being. At LWA we have introduced Physical education as a main subject in the curriculum.

We teach yoga exercises and meditation for staff and students for the mental and physical wellness. The vast play grounds and facilities are available for coaching for football, tennis,cricket, badminton and martial arts. Physical activity can help to get rid of tension and anxiety, developing competence and confidence.. When engaged in physical education, students will also learn to value education.

Why LWA?

LWA is a member of Sakura Science Exchange program and has a collaboration with Japanese Universities. To hone life skills and soft skills , regular talks and visits are arranged. Physical activities are regularly conducted. We give education, which fosters independence, exploration and self discovery, which are pre-requisites to learning. We focus on experiential learning through hands on activities with the highlight being skill enhancement. Emphasis conceptual learning in maths and science through activity, experiments and projects. LWA school has given exceptional results in the academic sphere and those students have excelled in extra co-curricular activity too. We are one of the best CBSE Schools near Urapakkam, Perunagalathur and Tambaram on one stretch and OMR and Kellambakkam on the other.