Egyptian Kabaddi Team visit to LWA School

Egyptian Kabaddi Team visit to LWA School

Lightworkers Academy, recognized as the premier CBSE School in Kelambakkam, seized a unique opportunity to host the Egypt Kabaddi Team on the 22nd of September 2023. Kabaddi, with its origins in the southern part of India in Tamil Nadu, has evolved into a thrilling and magical game, providing individuals with a platform to showcase their strengths on a global scale, even finding its place in the prestigious Beijing Asian Games

The chosen theme for this year's World Kabaddi Day, "Play Hard! Play Smart! Play Together!" resonates with the essence of a sport that demands physical prowess, strategic thinking, and teamwork. The thematic choice reflects the universal values inherent in Kabaddi.

The diverse nomenclature of Kabaddi across the Indian subcontinent mirrors the game's widespread popularity. From kabaddi in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Kerala to hu-tu-tu in Western India, the regional variations underscore the game's cultural significance and broad appeal.

In the international team version of Kabaddi, a detailed framework governs the gameplay. Two teams of seven players each engage in a dynamic exchange within a defined court. The intricacies of raids, scoring, and bonus points add layers of excitement to the competition. The game's unique features, such as the raider's chant and the time-limited raids, contribute to its distinctive charm.

Egyptian Kabaddi Team visit to LWA School

Scoring points through tagging defenders, bonus points, and the dynamics of reviving players contribute to the complexity of Kabaddi. The significance of "All Out" situations, where a team eliminates all seven players of the opposing team, adds strategic depth to the game.

The Egypt Kabaddi Federation (EKF) plays a pivotal role in promoting and developing World Kabaddi globally. The warm welcome extended to the Egypt Kabaddi Team exemplifies the spirit of international collaboration through sports. The hope is that this cultural exchange enhances mutual understanding and leaves a lasting positive impact on the players' experience in India.

In conclusion, Lightworkers Academy's hosting of the Egypt Kabaddi Team is a testament to the school's commitment to fostering cultural exchanges and promoting sportsmanship. The game of Kabaddi, with its rich history and evolving global presence, serves as a powerful medium for connecting people across borders.