8 Ways To Boost Your Child's Learning Ability

Follow These 8 Ways To Boost Your Child Learning Ability

1. Read out loud

Reading aloud is the foundation for literacy development. It provides children with a demonstration of phrasing and fluent reading. This will exercise your vocal organs like lips, tongue and throat. Reading out loud can act as a practice ground for other components of your speech, such as 'Pauses', 'Emphasis' and Pace (slow or fast) of your speech. This can boost confidence, reduce hesitation, sharpens focus, increase your vocabulary and results in greater reading comprehension. At LWA, which is one of the best CBSE School located off the Vandalur Kelambakkam road, we emphasize on the practice of reading out loud.

2. Track what your child is studying at school, home and homework book

One of the biggest concerns of parents today is getting their child to do homework and studies on time and effectively. Homework bridges the learning at school and home. Make a schedule and adhere to it. Find a quiet and distraction-free area that your child can use when doing his or her homework. Together, the teacher and the parents can make strategies to develop a kid's interest in that subject to improve their grades.

At Lightworkers Academy, one of the good CBSE Schools located close to Perungalathur and Tambaram, we give balanced homework according to the grade level.

3. Check eating habits and sleeping patterns of children

One of the best gifts you can give your children is to train their taste buds to enjoy many different flavors. Avoid offering your child an alternatives if they don't eat a meal. If children eat at regular mealtimes, they're more likely to be hungry at that time of day. Sit together at least at the dinner time. Families who regularly share meals together have children who know more about their family values and tend to have higher self-esteem, interact better with their peers and show higher resilience in the face of adversity.

A regular bedtime routine starting around the same time each night encourages good sleep patterns. Encourage your child to relax before bedtime. Turn off devices at least one hour before bedtime. Make sure your child has a satisfying evening meal at a reasonable time.

4. Keep in touch with your child's teacher

The student can connect with teachers by discussing about their aspirations, suggestions on their future studies and their personal life even. When the teacher creates a healthy relationship with students, they will be happy to share their thoughts and love to keep in touch with the teachers. Maintaining a strong relationship with your child's teacher is one of the most important things you can do to help ensure your child's academic success and healthy development. At LWA, a good CBSE School located near Kandigai on the Kelambakkam Vandalur Road, our teachers always make an effort to work together with the parents throughout the academic session.

5. Practice discipline at home

Discipline should be age-appropriate and reasonable, not harsh or overbearing. A loving parent-child relationship is a crucial part of raising children. You can lay the foundation for this through disciplining your child, and it will help them grow into polite, well-behaved individuals who do not feel the need to rebel or act out in any way. Both punishment and reward work best for disciplining your child- each in its own unique way.

6. Conduct tests at home

Test taking can be a bit nerve-wracking for students. Assessing student comprehension is important to the learning process. A balance of education at home and school moulds a student's actual learning. Creating a homemade test for students will aid them to feel confident and also enables them to reminisce the concepts that they have studied in the class. Tests can be conducted in the form of quiz even verbally. Remind your child to read through each question carefully before responding.

7. Help to create a Positive Learning Environment

Positive and productive learning environment is the key for academic, emotional and social success of a child. The best places to nurture the positive learning are at home and in the classroom. A child should feel supported at home if their parents take interest in what they are learning. At the same time, a positive environment at the School fosters better learning. Teachers at LWA, a School located in Uniworld City, near IIIT D & M, Kancheepuram, help in this direction by means of creating student centric, project based learning environment.

8. Encourage students to ask questions

Asking the questions can both motivate and encourage the children to approach the concept curiously. Some children feel excited to ask questions in the class. As a parent or as a teacher we should encourage students to ask more questions. This boosts their confidence level and enables critical thinking

Why LWA for your child?

LWA is diligent and aware of these requirements and follows all the possibilities to incorporate a positive learning environment for students of all ages. Our teachers are experienced, trained, and well-equipped in following all the norms to encourage and build a positive and fruitful relationship with the students. LWA is one of the leading CBSE School in Chennai, deeply rooted in bringing the best in its educational practices. In LWA, we emphasis on scholastic and functional requirements of students' personality to make them empowered in making meaningful and positive changes in the children's life.