How to Choose Best CBSE School for Your Child?

How to Choose Best CBSE School for Your Child?

A good CBSE School should offer flexibility in the curriculum with a holistic and integrated approach involving academics and co curricular activities. Project and practical based, hands on learning approach is encouraged to enhance the inner potential and enhance self awareness.

This provides ample opportunities for students with respect to academics and skills in order to achieve excellence and competency and inculcate values and cultural learning.

What to Look for in a School?

Distance of School from your home

The School is a second home to the child. A parent should look out for a School with good state of the art infrastructure and facilities, that is located in the vicinity of their home. The School should be a good CBSE School, with importance given to art integrated holistic education. Distance and travelling long distances would tire a child. The physical health and well being of the child should be a priority.

School Fees structure

The fee structure should be proportionate to the facilities and infrastructure. A healthy and safe learning environment is the top most priority for today's parents. A low student to teacher ratio will enable better class control and facilitate one on one learning. The parent's satisfaction should be a priority and value for money should be there.

Activities and Curriculum

A complete and holistic approach to learning is the need of the hour. The NEP also suggests that skill subjects should be integrated along with the academic curriculum. This will result in the overall development of the child, promoting life skills and acquiring lifelong knowledge. Art integration across the subject disciplines has enhanced the teaching learning curve.

Ratio of Teachers

Although the permitted class strength is up to 40 students, we at Light workers Academy strongly believe that a healthy and low teacher to student ratio should be ideal. This will result in effective communication and control in the class room. Talent can be identified and good work can be appreciated with a low student to teacher ratio. COVID 19 protocols and SOPS can be effectively implemented.

Environment and Infrastructure

It is imperative for the School's environment to be student safe, friendly, non threatening, and conducive. A child would blend well in such a welcoming environment. The infrastructure should include facilities for labs for Sciences, computers, robotics, Library, vast airy classrooms, open play grounds with ample sports equipment, gardens and play area for the tiny tots. This will strengthen knowledge and develop livelihood skills.

Teaching Methods

For the formative years, the play way methods of learning playfully with hand and eye coordination are the best teaching method. For the middle, secondary and senior secondary level, project based learning involving social and scientific activities are significant teaching methods. A good infrastructure and an enthusiastic teacher contribute very effectively towards the teaching and learning process and enhance cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills.

Physical Education Training

Physical activity and fitness is prerogative in a child's learning curve. Good physical health leads to good mental health f the child. Vast and ample playgrounds and area with sufficient play equipment should be a priority in a holistic educational environment. Physical education classes should be mandatory for all, and creates an active and healthy human being.

10th and 12th Pass Percentages

With holistic education in place, integrated arts, sports, practical and project based learning, the net results in the academic area is definitely going to be a hundred percent.

The mile stones of class 10 and class 12 can be easily achieved by the School that provides a quality education curriculum. Students can strengthen their knowledge base alongside developing their life skills and soft skills

Why Light workers Academy for your child?

Light workers Academy is one of the best CBSE Schools in Chennai, sprawling over 5 acres and having an ideally pollution free environment amidst lush greenery. The focus is to ensure on imparting knowledge and creating sound values in each student, in a congenial learning environment.

At LWA, we have the state of the art facilities and infrastructure, and have left no stone unturned to ensure the continuity of learning during the lockdowns. The low classroom strength has enabled better and enhanced learning, providing opportunity to showcase talent and instilling curiosity in every child. It is one of the best CBSE Schools near Urapakkam, Perunagalathur and Tambaram on one stretch and OMR and Kellambakkam on the other.