Video Lab Goes Live in Your School

Video Lab Goes Live in Your School

As part of integrating art in the curriculum as suggested by CBSE and NEP 2020 and to nurture the students' creative, communication, collaboration, critical thinking skills, LWA has collaborated with XQ and are setting up a video lab in the school. The features of the video lab model are as below.

An innovative video-creation platform that will help our students to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of academic concepts as they learn to create videos
  • Become confident communicators
  • Express themselves creatively as they transform regular academic projects into powerful videos

Lightworkers Academy, the best CBSE school in Tambaram has embarked upon this learning adventure together with Video Lab XQ and inspiring the students to unleash their full potential. The session was formally inaugurated by the Principal Mrs Santhi Swaminathan today 28 July 2023. The curriculum has been designed as per NEP 2020 by a team of seasoned academicians and creative professionals and aligned with the CBSE

An initiative by Lightworkers Academy, the best school in Vandalur Kelambakkam Road that will transform the child’s learning experience at school and spark their creativity in a whole new way!.